From the spatial structure analysis and the empirical survey, the relocation potential can be derived spatially differentiated. On this basis, the decision regarding the profitability of a possible bike rental system should be made. If the outcome is positive, the tools developed can be used to evaluate locations with regard to their suitability and their effect on the overall system.



Evaluation of the methods of mobile eye tracking, GPS and sensor-based movement data recording, as well as video recording for the analysis of the interaction of cyclists with their surroundings in the context of a naturalistic cycling study.


Radlkarte XL

Extension of mobility services for cycling in Salzburg to the state of Salzburg.



A potential location for a new Hofer KG branch was to be investigated in the city of Braunau am Inn. The location had to be examined for the possible entry potential of the local population based on the traffic modes: pedestrians, bicycle traffic and motorized individual transport. The results should be prepared cartographically and summarized with the main statements on the potential for moving in.


Radlkarte 2.0

Providing new and completing existing mobility services for cycling in Salzburg.