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  • Bicycle Observatory (2018-2020)
    The project has set the goal to conceive a multidimensional, spatially differentiated situation picture of bicycle traffic by bringing together technical sensor data and social scientific survey data. Thus, bicycle traffic as system as well as its heterogeneity within the group of cyclists will be better understood.
  • UML Salzburg (2017-2020)
    With the Urban Mobility Lab (UML) Salzburg innovation projects in personal mobility and city logistics in the central area of Salzburg are promoted.The three focus areas of the UML are a) intermodal interfaces (in personal mobility and city logistics), b) integrated mobility management (location-based), as well as c) ITS (intelligent transport systems) and alternative drives.
  • GISMO (2016-2018)
    Estimating effects of environment and mobility on a health of an individual with a help of a developed platform serving as innovative solution for evidence-based planning, consulting and information.
  • FamoS (2016-2018)
    Developing a bicycle traffic demand model for the example cities Graz and Salzburg, enabling route-fine evaluation of the bicycle traffic demand.
  • Bikealyze (2015-2016)
    Evaluating the methods (1) mobile eye tracking, (2) GPS and sensor-based motion data acquisition and (3) video-based data acquisition for analyzing the interaction of cyclists with their environment in the context of a naturalistic cycling study.
  • Radlkarte XL (2015)
    Extending intelligent routing recommendations and mobility services for bicyclists in the province of Salzburg.
  • Radlkarte 2.0 (2014-2015)
    Building a user-tailored information offer for bicyclists based on crowd-sourced and authoritative data.
  • Easy Rider II (2013)
    Providing intelligent routing recommendations for bicyclists in the Austrian-Bavarian boarder region
  • Climate‐Friendly Climate Research (2012-2013)
    Identifying and developing feasible approaches to achieve reductions in the carbon footprint of (climate) research and research programming operations
  • Easy Rider I (2011-2012)
    Incorporating safety criteria in an urban bicycle routing application
  • InterEVENT (2008-2009)
    Developing an innovative mobility management for very large public events

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