With a strong background in geography our aim is to provide spatial models and tools which help to gain aholistic view on mobility. Based on generic concepts we provide innovative solutions for decision makers, infrastructure and transportation providers, planners and traffic managers. Geographical information systems (GIS) make use of the spatial nature of all elements in transportation networks. The geographical coordinate as common denominator allows for merging and relating various input factors in order to better understand and gain new insights into complex systems.

A major focus of our work lies on information solutions for sustainable, urban mobility. With an extensive know-how in bicycle research we are continuously contributing to several efforts to promote sustainable mobility modes. This ranges from academic research and publishing to cooperation with partners from the public and private sector and ITS steering committees.

We strongly believe that spatial information systems can bridge traditional domains that deal with mobility and foster new and innovative ways to analyze, plan and manage our daily mobility demands.

Bernhard Zagel und Martin Loidl
Heads of GI Mobility Lab @ Z_GIS