University of Salzburg | Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS
NaWi Faculty | Hellbrunnerstraße 34 | 5020 Salzburg, Austria     @gimobility

Dr. Bernhard Zagel

Senior Scientist | Head GI Mobility Lab | Lecturer

My research focus on the intersection between GIS and mobility. I am interested in the geospatial dimensions of transportation, and the implications of human mobility and accessibility for sustainable transportation and livable communities in the smart city context. My main approach to questions of mobility, livability and sustainability is the development and application of GIS and spatial analysis techniques to extract information from mobility and geospatial data.

Dr. Martin Loidl

Researcher | Co Head GI Mobility Lab | Lecturer

Being a geographer by training I’m very much in favor to approach complex problems from bird’s eye view trying to unveil spatial patterns and relations. Bridging domains, finding new paths and add value to existing approaches – geographical information systems are perfectly suited for transdisciplinary and transferable approaches which form the basis for innovative mobility solutions.
Ursula Witzmann-Müller
Researcher GI Mobility Lab
Data represent the basic resource of all geospatial applications. Without standardized storage concepts and appropriate data models geospatial analysis and applications would not be realizable. My work focusses on data modelling and web services.
Robin Wendel
Researcher GI Mobility Lab
With the help of Geoinformatics I would like to explore new possibilities solving current traffic and environmental problems and coincidently increasing the individual mobility. Purpose-oriented processing and modeling of network data result in new perspectives from which sustainable traffic concepts can be derived.
Dana Kaziyeva
Junior Researcher GI Mobility Lab
My interests in the Geoinformatics field are related to transport modelling, using approaches from the Spatial Simulation domain. One example can be agent-based modelling of transport traffic simulation with its ability to emerge new patterns from behavior and individual choices of moving objects. In addition I am very enthusiastic about the development of web map applications with interesting contexts from social media and crowd-sourced data.